Scientific committee

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    Prof. Hichem Ben Salem (Tunisia)

    Livestock feeding

    Prof. Ahmed Mliki (Tunisia)

    Biotechnology and molecular genetics

    Prof. José Dubeux (Brazil)

    Agronomy, use as fodder

    Dr. Herman Fouché (South Africa)

    Livestock feeding

    Dr. Helmuth Zimmerman (South Africa)

    Pests and diseases

    Prof. Paolo Inglese (Italy)

    Plant ecophysiology, fruit production

    Dr. Candelario Mondragón (Mexico)

    Genetic resources

    Dr. Liberato Portillo (Mexico)


    Prof. Ali Nefzaoui (Tunisia)

    Rangeland improvement

    Prof. Mónica Nazareno (Argentina)

    Medicinal uses

    Prof. Carmen Sáenz (Chile)


    Prof. Lazhar Zorgui (Tunisia)

    Macromolecular Biochemistry and Genetics

    Dr. Salvatore D’Aquino (Italy)

    Fruit production and post-harvest management

    Dr. Loreto Prat (Chile)

    Molecular biology and propagation

    Dr. Mounir Louhaichi (ICARDA)

    Rangelands and ecosystem services


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